Tata Motors has consistently prioritized its customers and their aspirations in its business approach. 
The slogan 'Connecting Aspirations' encapsulates the brand's essence as an integrated network of mobility solutions that are intelligent, intuitive, welcoming, and expressive. After a thorough evaluation of the recommendations presented to the Tata Motors Executive Committee, the brand promise 'Connecting Aspirations' was meticulously chosen.
To convey this new identity, there was a necessity for a brand audiovisual presentation. The objective was to craft a visual narrative through animation and generate online excitement for the media launch.
The process began with script development, followed by creating a detailed storyboard. We proposed visualizing the video in a single static storyboard diagram. This schematic storyboard was designed to convey the main movements of both the observer and the observed objects (in this case, their vehicles), abstracting away less critical details to emphasize motion. The storyboard maintained a clear connection to the original video in an intuitive manner.​​​​​​​
The music selection was crucial, as the mood or energy of the song needed to set the tone for the video. Considering the target audience and the nature of their business, we chose an "EPIC" genre track. The sound effects were meticulously crafted to complement the aspirational visuals and blend seamlessly with the main soundtrack. The video debuted alongside their media launch and was well-received by the audience.
Some Final Style Frames

Some Character Animations
The video was launched along with their Media launch and has been received well by its audiences.

The video on the event

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