TATA Motors CSR is an effort to look at the company’s long-term interest
Driven by the philosophy of inclusive community development, meaningful social engagement has been central to Tata Motors' corporate social responsibility initiatives. These efforts concentrate on enhancing the quality of life for underprivileged communities near our business operations. Our interventions prioritize health, education, employability, and the environment, positively affecting over 644,000 lives in India. Tata Motor's CSR activities are designed to align with the company's long-term interests, ensuring a sustainable future.
The process began with the development of a script and a logline, which is a concise one-sentence summary of the story primarily used for marketing purposes. After the script was finalized, we created a detailed storyboard, placing the footage on the editing timeline to understand the script's flow. It's crucial to include the distribution plan in the project brief, as the video's production will vary significantly depending on whether it is intended for a website or a large format display.

Music selection was essential, with the song's mood or energy setting the video's tone. Considering the target audience and the nature of their business, we chose a track from the "Subtle" genre. Sound effects were meticulously crafted to complement the aspirational visuals and blend seamlessly with the main track. The video premiered at their annual CSR roundtable and is scheduled for an online release in September 2018.

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