Ivanhoe Grammar School in Australia sought to articulate their forward-looking vision for education through an animated video. Their Director of Technology, Steve Brophy, crafted a narrative outlining the future of learning. Together, we transformed his vision into a dynamic script for a 5-minute animation, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching methods.
The animation immerses viewers in a futuristic school setting, featuring advancements like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and personalized learning. It effectively communicates Ivanhoe Grammar's commitment to shaping the future of education.
Since its launch, the video has served as a powerful tool for Ivanhoe Grammar to showcase their technological prowess and progressive educational approach to students, parents, and the wider education community.

Some Character Design Explorations

Scene Design & Styleframes

Some more ....
Client: Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia
Story by: Steve Brophy, Kristina Garla, and Dinesh Rudra
Production and design by: Light Animations and Blinkmotion
Illustration & Animation: Varunjyoti Deori
Music by: Louis Ajani
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