PowerSwap, the world’s largest ignition coil manufacturer, offers a diverse product range that includes auto electrical and electronic components, horns, sensors, EV batteries and BMS, LED lighting, and instrument clusters. To showcase their new innovative product and service at the Auto Expo 2020 event, they required a video that is crisp, precise, and to the point. This video will be displayed in their stall, ensuring that viewers can quickly and easily grasp the information at a glance while passing by.
By displaying a video on a large TV within the company stall, the goal is to attract and inform viewers from a distance, ensuring they can easily understand the product without needing to enter the stall. Utilizing dialogue in the form of speech bubbles instead of a voiceover aims to enhance accessibility and engagement in a busy expo environment.
Character Designs
Some Style Frames
Rough Storyboard Thumbnails

Production Design & Animation: 
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