Torrent Group has recently ventured into the City Gas Distribution business to address a crucial need for green fuel across various regions in India. Torrent Gas is now present in 16 geographical areas, spanning 32 districts across 7 states and 1 Union Territory in India. 
Torrent Gas Private Limited is committed to serving all natural gas users within these expanded areas through the effective and efficient management of natural resources. This increase in productivity will benefit all its dealers, shareholders, and customers.
Torrent Gas needed to create an audiovisual (AV) presentation to raise awareness about green fuel among end users. The process began with a site survey, a crucial step if a shoot is required. Following this, we developed the script in collaboration with the client and then created a detailed storyboard. This storyboard visually represented the video in a single static diagram. Once the storyboard was approved, our studio team proceeded with filming the scenes.
The storyboard was crafted to convey Torrent Gas's reach to end users, utilizing VFX and 2D animation. It was tailored to align with the client's preferences. The music selection was vital to setting the appropriate mood for the audience. Given the target audience and the company's new presence in the market, the AV was produced in Hindi, English, and the local language. At the client's request, local language voice-overs were included to add a personal touch. The sound effects were meticulously designed to complement the aspirational visuals and blend seamlessly with the main soundtrack.


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